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Language Learning

Geos International Colleges   offer English courses in modern facilities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa
Cactus Language Training   Business language training and private tuition
Learn Spanish, Learn French   and 20 more Languages with Cactus Language
English Club   Learn English as a second language
ELT Web   English language teaching resources


Website Translation   Translate your web site, brochures and financial documents to sell to a broader audience
Portal for translators   Send your CV to 6000 addresses of translation agencies
NG-Translation <=> NG-Traduction   Translation of texts and Web sites from or into French or English, by Nicole Geslin (Ph.D).
Japanese Translator Network (JTN) : A group of approx. 50 Japanese professional freelance translators
Netlingo   Dictionary of Internet Words
Translation Service Malaysia - XPT   We concentrate our translation services on Asian and Middle East languages
Translation   Language translation by human translators. High quality translation at excellent prices.
Ectaco   Handheld electronic dictionaries and language translators
24 Hour Translations -   Latin <> German & Latin <> English Translator
Indian Translators Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati Translation Services
Financial and Legal Translators   A full-size language translation agency with highly qualified professionals in the fields of financial translations and legal translations.
English to French translation services   Michael Bastin
Online Spanish Translator   Spanish translation by native Spanish translator online
Portuguese Translation   Portuguese (Brazilian) and English translation
Turkish Translator   English - Turkish Translation by native Turkish translator
Accurate Russian Translations   Professional Russian translation to/from English


Writing English - Proofreading and copyediting   Glossaries of multi-syllable verbs & English grammar terms, writing tips, rules of punctuation, and sample resumes
English Rewrite   Proofreading, editing and co-writing to help you produce perfect English.
Text Engineer   Disciplined technology communications, global experience.


Paris Hotels and Paris Hotel Reviews   Free reviews of Paris hotels at Paris Eiffel Tower News.


Business to Business Resources   Business-focused search engine and directory
Bizfriendly   Business Directory / Business Search Portal
Search Europe   Search Engine and Directory for Europe and everything European

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