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Prices vary depending on the difficulty of the original (degree of specialisation, terminological research, certification, legibility, priority work). Quoting a price - which possibly cannot be upheld - prior to having seen the original text I find somewhat dubious. My suggestion: after having seen the original I will propose to you a binding quote.
V.A.T. will be charged in addition to the quoted fee.
Payment is possible per line (55 characters including spaces), per hour or, if desired, per word.
Minimum charge: € 30,--
Payment in full shall be effected not later than 30 days from the date of invoice.

estimate via MOUSE CLICK
In order to provide you with an estimate, I need as much information about the text as possible. Please name the area of specialisation, the quantity of text and your deadline.

This estimate is for your part without any obligation. Please specify your request as comprehensively and in as much detail as possible and attach a sample of the text or send it via fax. Your information will be treated with absolute confidentiality. In the event of us not working together I will destroy your document without delay.