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Every text is different! And thus poses a specific and unique challenge to the translator: promotional texts or advertisements are judged by different standards than an annual statement of accounts and that in turn differs both in language and style from a conference paper, a licence agreement or an instruction manual. For the most part I translate into German, my mother tongue. Translations into English are proofread by English or American colleagues to ensure mother-tongue standard.

what I offer:
  • high-quality translations: for a conscientious, elegant and readable translation I offer stylistic soundness and conciseness along with in-depth research
  • computer aided translations with "TRADOS 5.5" (glossaries, consistent use of technical and specialist terms)
  • proof reading and if desired adaptation for a specific audience
  • due to my long-term work in non-European countries (Asia, Africa) I have developed a fine sense for texts originating from foreign sources
  • a close, direct cooperation with my clients
  • urgent commisions: short and simple texts are returned without extra charge (see also deadlines / urgent commissions) on the same day
  • fixed deadlines
  • and of course: absolute confidentiality